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Re: st: Ado File Help

Subject   Re: st: Ado File Help
Date   Fri, 18 Feb 2005 12:01:02 EST

You don't mention the name of the program -- that would greatly help in  
identifying it.
Even the best programmers make minor mistakes. In  concentrating on the 
really hard parts of an algorithm a more trivial line of  code can be overlooked. 

Joe Hilbe

Dear Statalisters,

I have been trying  off and on for about a month now to get an
(user-written) ado file to work  without error.  It is the only command, to my
knowledge, that will do  what I need.  I'm getting exceedingly frustrated as 
programming  skills are not sufficient to fix what are probably elementary
issues.   First I was getting an error mentioned in a previous request to
Statalist -  that the post command had been moved from estimates to ereturn-.
With your  (Statalisters) help, I came to realize that a command had been 
with  the change in Stata version, from 7 to 8.  I have recently tried to  
this ado file to either change the version or change the command  from
-estimates- to -ereturn- (this was another question of Statalisters),  only 
to be
told that either it has a problem implementing the program with  the original
dataset (????) or that 'resid1' had already been defined.   In looking at the
program in WordPad resid1 is never mentioned!!!!   -Predict resid- is 
several times but I don't know enough about  coding to know if this is an 
I know that if you attempt to -generate-  or -predict- a variable that is 
defined, Stata will give you an error  like this but I find it hard to believe
that a person that could author such  a code would make such a trivial 
Oh, and I have tried to locate this  author - to no avail.  So....I'm 
hoping that someone out  there that is programming savvy will take pity on me 
take a look to try  to help me resolve these issues.   Anyone willing to help 
e-mail me at or  I'll  send you 
file, or I can post the text in an e-mail for you - whichever  you prefer.

Thanks much, in advance.  Have a great weekend  everyone.

April M. Knill
Consultant, Finance Research Group
The  World Bank Group
Mail Stop MC3-300
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC  20433
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