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st: p>t value extraction

Subject   st: p>t value extraction
Date   Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:27:55 +0100

Title: p>t value extraction

Dear all


I did regressions over the huge set of data and would like to have betas and reg. coefficients placed in the "data browser" window what I managed to do using eclass command such as ereturn list and save it as matrix, but I have a problem to do the same thing with the p>t values as I cannot extract it from ereturn list

Also I have checked with listcoef and tabstat command but I couldn't manage to do it.

Do you have better direction?

Thank you


Dejan Loncar

Data Analyst
Measuremet and Health Information (MHI)
Evidence and Information for Policy (EIP)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Avenue Appia 20, CH -1211 Geneva 27

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