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RE: st: RE: Estout and predicted signs

From   "Herve STOLOWY" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Estout and predicted signs
Date   Mon, 14 Feb 2005 08:00:57 +0100

Dear Ben:

Everything is solved. Thanks again for your time.

Best regards


Coordinateur du Département/Head of Department
HEC Paris
Département Comptabilité Contrôle de gestion / Dept of Accounting and
Management Control
1, rue de la Liberation
78351 - Jouy-en-Josas
Tel: +33 1 39 67 94 42 - Fax: +33 1 39 67 70 86
>>> 02/13/05 9:12 PM >>>
Hervé wrote
> ...
> I still have a little remaining problem. In my real estimation (see
> below), I need to have the b and p values published. 
> ... 
> Then, I get for the predicted signs two columns: one with the 
> b and one
> with the p. I don't know if I can write -estout- in such a 
> way that, for
> the "signs" model, I only get the "b" (i.e. the signs). I 
> looked at the
> -estout- help and found something with -drop- and -estimates- but I
> don't know what to do.

Check the -pattern()- suboption which can be attached to the statistics
in the -cells()- option. In your case, type

 . estout signs m1 m2 m3 m4, cells("b p(fmt(%9.3f) pattern(0))") ... 

to suppress the p-values for the first model (note that -pattern(0)- is 
interpreted as -pattern(0 1 1 1 1)- here). (Furtheremore, the
suboption may also solve the problems you had with solution 1.) 

> Another minor element: when I precise the format for the b, the signs
> disappear and are replaced by a 0. So, I decided not to add a precise
> format for the b. (I can manage the format in excel later).

The crux is that the fmt also affects the display of the placeholder 
numbers for the signs. Thus, if you specify, say, -b(fmt(%9.3f))- you'd
have to type -substitute(-999.000 - 999.000 +).


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