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RE: st: -update all- fails with " not found"

Subject   RE: st: -update all- fails with " not found"
Date   Tue, 08 Feb 2005 13:25:39 -0600

Laurel Copeland <> wrote:

> After being away from Stata for some months (and moving across the country),
> I installed Stata/SE 8.0 yesterday.  I have tried -update all- 4 times since
> then, several hours apart, but each time end up with the error that
> was not found.  Am I doing something wrong? Is there
> a way around this?

As Richard Williams pointed out in an earlier response, there was a bug in
Stata's -update- command when version 8.0 was originally released. The bug has
subsequently been fixed but the only way to get the bug fix is to perform an
update.  This is not, however, a Catch-22 situation. All you need to do is
update your executable first. That is, type

. update executable

followed by

. update swap

You can then type

. update ado


. update all

to get the ado updates. After performing an update in this manner the -update-
command in all of its variations should work as advertised.

Allen McDowell

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