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st: RE: nonparametric tests for variance

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: nonparametric tests for variance
Date   Thu, 3 Feb 2005 16:52:17 -0000

I don't know what underlies this, 
a scientific question or a worry 
about assumptions for some other 

Either way, have a look at Rupert 
G. Miller's "Beyond ANOVA". It may 
answer your question directly or 
indirectly. The reference is 
at [R] diagnostic plots. 


Hyun Yoon
> Following up on my earlier query, has anyone come
> across a way to do a nonparametric test for variance? 
> Thanks to Scott, I am aware that Stata can do this
> when testing for signficiance the difference in
> variance between two groups (e.g., Group A and Group
> B), using sdtest or robvar.  
> But my question is slightly more complicated: I would
> like to test whether the difference in variance
> between two sets of groups (Group A1 and B1; Group A2
> and B2) is significant.   
> I posed this question to Statatech directly, and they
> were unaware of any way to do this nonparametric test
> on Stata.  

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