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st: Simulation question.

Subject   st: Simulation question.
Date   Thu, 3 Feb 2005 08:32:16 -0500


I have a simulation problem.

Usually, what I've seen done in simulations is to change
values in independent variables and see their result on the
(predicted dependent variable).


reg GDP pop invest
predict gdphat
su gdphat
replace pop =pop * 1.03                                 /* 3% growth of
predict gdphat2
su gdphat2
g diff = gdphat - gdphat2                                   /*Measure of the
impact of the population growth */

Now, here is my question:

Suppose I want to double  my GDP ?
I am interested in how my independent variables will change (in their
coeffcients and/or in their observations ???)
to meet the new values of GDP.
I guess I am facing a constraint problem but do not know how to do this in

How can I do that?

Best regards.


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