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Re: st: spatial modeling stata

From   Nomoreno <>
Subject   Re: st: spatial modeling stata
Date   Wed, 02 Feb 2005 19:58:09 -0500

Hi Julia,

Thanks a lot for your information. It is totally new to me that Stata has commands for spatial analysis. I looked at the Stata code for contracting the weighting matrix, but I am not sure the mechanism behind it. Could you explain it to me, if you understand it? I mean, it seems to me that the command "spatwmat" uses both y and x to construct the weighting matrix, how come? It also occurs to me that each unit has only one value, is that so? What exactly are the xcoord(x) and ycoord(y) representing?

Simon wrote:

Dear Mahdi,
I have done spatial regression using spatreg and a few more commands in Stata. I don't know if this is what you are after. The person who wrote the stata
programs and has helped me with some of my questions is Maurizio Pisati (he is
listed after the spatreg commands). Stata gives you the option of two models:
spatial correlation or spatial lag, but not the general model that includes
both. However, if you want the general model that includes both, I don't think
Stata does it. A collegue of mine uses MATLAB and I know for sure it does the
more general model because I used their manual once to help me understand the
model itself. I also love Stata and hate to have to go to another software.
I hope this helps.
Julia A. Gamas
Mexico City Project
77 Massachusetts Avenue 54-1823
Cambridge, MA 02139
617 258 0230

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