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st: RE: RE: Forcing stata to use a non-updated command

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Forcing stata to use a non-updated command
Date   Sun, 30 Jan 2005 16:29:37 -0000

You have Stata 7, it seems. 

It is difficult for me to understand why you 
think that any changes to Stata 8 would affect 
your files. You would need to get hold of
the files yourself and put them on top
of the Stata 7 files. Presumably you 
would remember doing that. You cannot, 
through a direct -update-, get hold of Stata 
files for a later release than that you have
installed. There are lots of good reasons for

As said, Stata 7 was frozen the instant
that Stata 8 was released. I cannot 
comment in detail on your assertion 
that you are getting different results. 
It is possible that -- within Stata 7 -- 
you were using an earlier -xtabond- 
and then -update-d so that -xtabond- 
of 24 Sept 2002 was the one you 
were using, or there was some change
to other files you were using. 

To repeat, I can't see that any changes
to Stata 8 have implications for you 
as a Stata 7 user. 

[email protected] 

> My objective was only to understand whether the differences in my 
> results were Stata upgrade related or data-changes related. I am not 
> sure why Stata 7 is now giving different results than it used to. I 
> don't know, maybe when xtabond was fixed in Stata8, updating xtabond 
> in Stata 7 also results in replacing xtabond with its corrected 
> version. I may well have done this updating of Stata 7 in the 
> past. In 
> any case, I have returned the official ado files to their original 
> folders, so no harm done. Thanks for the cloning idea.

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