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st: re: Update to decomp

From   Ian Watson <[email protected]>
To   statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   st: re: Update to decomp
Date   Sat, 29 Jan 2005 18:53:09 +1100

In my earlier posting I wrote:

   For those interested in hacking ado files, the line

   if e(cmd)=="heckman" | e(cmd)=="tobit"

   can be easily modified to include other Stata regression commands if
   you find that -decomp- fails on a particular type of regression. The
   error message is usually something like "_cons not found" and this
   indicates that the e(b) vector is not a "standard" one, but has
   additional rows. The code which follows this line deals with these
   additional rows,

As Kit Baum has pointed out to me, this is likely to confuse people. I
neglected to mention that the "e(b) vector" which my code manipulates
has been transposed from a row vector to a column vector at the outset
(and becomes a column of betas resembling the usual Stata display of
regression results). This is the reason why I talk about "rows" rather
than columns, as one might expect with the vector of betas returned by
e(b). My vector of betas has rows, and the "additional rows" I am
talking about are those that report additional estimates (such as
ancillary parameters (_se) in the case of -tobit- and the selection
equation estimates in the case of -heckman-).

Sorry for any confusion. My main point is that if you are interested
in hacking the ado files (himod and lomod) for a particular regression
command you are running, then you need to examine the e(b) vector
(using: mat list e(b)) to see if there are additional estimates listed
after the _cons estimate. If there are, you will need to incorporate
the name of the e(cmd) (using: ereturn list) into the line mentioned

Thanks to Kit for drawing my attention to this.

Kind regards,

Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

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