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st: RE: Search through ados.

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Search through ados.
Date   Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:59:21 -0000

I don't know for certain what you mean by 'the "ado" folder', but
you seem confused on what can do what. Perhaps you should go back
to the documentation on the scope (and thus the limitations) of
each command. 

-search- by default just searches a keyword database. That arrived
with your Stata and should be updated by you as part of an
-update- process.  The database contains information on (a)
official Stata (b) what has been published in the STB and SJ.  It
will not contain information on (c) any other user-written files
or (d) your own programs that you have written. -search- just does
that one thing and will not do a search of _all_ the files you may
happen to have installed alongside your Stata.  

-search, net- (or -findit- which includes that) is broader and
will look on the internet for (c) in particular. 

In essence there is no magic Stata way that I know of of searching
(ordinary sense of the word) a folder with a set of user-written
files that you have installed from various places. I have read
that some people maintain a private list of (variously) "cool" or
"hot" ados they have installed, which is one tip for the future.
Alternatively, you could try some sort of grep (using whatever is
your OS equivalent) for keywords on the *.hlp you have installed. 

It should also be possible for you to write a Stata program using
-file- to find the authors named within help files. However,
authorship itself is only one handle. 

In short, except where official Stata is concerned, it is 
easier to search outside your machine for what is in the public
domain than it is easier to search inside your machine for
what you have installed. 

[email protected] 

[email protected]
> When looking in the "ado" folder, I realize that it contains
> tons of ados files, many of them, I do not know what they
> are doing.
> How to ask stata to list all the files written by a particular author?
> When I type "search author" stata just prompts me to very vague
> answers.
> In the same spirit, how to tell stata to prompt all the ados files
> related to a particular subject?
> I know you can "findit `subject'" but it only points to a limited
> number of programs. I realized that sometimes, other programs
> doing something close are not listed. Guess this depends on what
> is included in the help files.!?
> Amadou.
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