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RE: st: Hypergeometric probabilities

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Hypergeometric probabilities
Date   Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:42:13 -0000

Correct. I withdrew this routine in a purge of 
several packages of mine on SSC that I could no 
longer justify.  

In this case the reason is that a single -generate- 
command in terms of calls to -comb()- 
can be used to produce hypergeometric 
probabilities. A dedicated function is 
thus hardly required. You just need to go one 
level down, as it were. 

The cumulative is also a matter of -sum()-. 

[email protected] 

> Apparently it's not available anymore...I get the following message...
> "404 Not Found
> The requested URL 
> was not found in EconPapers"
Joseph Coveney 

> > MA V Wrote:
> >
> >Does anyone know how to calculate hypergeometric 
> probabilities (P(X=a)) in
> >Stata? And what about cumulative probabilities (i.e. P(X<a)).
> >
> >Nick Cox has written an accessory program called -_ghyper-, which is 
> >available
> >from SSC.  -help ssc- to find out how to install it.

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