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st: thanks for help with -tmap-

From   "Frakt, Austin" <[email protected]>
To   "Statalist (E-mail)" <[email protected]>
Subject   st: thanks for help with -tmap-
Date   Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:18:33 -0800

I'm now able to do almost (more below) all that I need with respect to
generating maps in Stata, thanks to some members of the community for help
with -tmap- and related issues.  In particular thanks to:

* Maurizio Pisati for writing -tmap- and for updating it.  The added ability
to resize the legend in v. 2.0 is very helpful, as are the associated US map
databases and documentation (which I had originally overlooked but that he
kindly referred me to).

* Sebastian Buechte (correct last name?) for suggesting I try saving -tmap-
output as .tif files and then importing them into Word.  This works

* Scott Merryman for originally providing US map data for use with -tmap-.
While it doesn't seem to work well with v. 2.0 it was useful with the first

I will be on the lookout for a US database for use with -tmap- at the county
level.  If/when anyone finds or creates one, thanks in advance for sharing
it with the community.
Austin Frakt

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