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Re: st: RE: update: rfl 3.0 (a recent files list for Stata) up on SSC

From   "Dankwart Plattner" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: update: rfl 3.0 (a recent files list for Stata) up on SSC
Date   Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:36:13 +0100

there was a bug in the uploaded version. I've already sent the corrected file to Kit, as soon as he will make the corrected version available, I will announce this on Statalist. I expect this to happen within the next few hours.

[email protected] schrieb am 13.01.05 15:15:55:
> -rfl- has ceased to work following update installation. I get the following
> error message: "==1 invalid name" (without quotes). Any ideas why this is
> happening?
> Thanks,
> Leonelo E. Bautista
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> From: [email protected]
> [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Dankwart Plattner
> Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 4:19 PM
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: st: update: rfl 3.0 (a recent files list for Stata) up on SSC
> Thanks to Kit Baum, version 3.0 of -rfl- is now available from the SSC
> archives. Type -ssc describe rfl- for a package description or -ssc install
> rfl- to install. To update, type -ssc install rfl.pkg, replace-.    
> After installation of the new version, you must type the command -discard-
> (without hyphens) in the command window if you've used -rfl- in the same 
> Stata
> session before installation.
> For those of you who use -rfl- already, the changes are described below. 
> For
> those of you who don't know about -rfl-, its main features are described 
> at the
> bottom of this message.
> This is a major revision of -rfl-, allowing for more flexibility and 
> adapting
> better to the user's needs.
> The main changes encomprise:
> 1) log and cmdlog may now have different file names. The cmdlog settings are
>     controlled from the dialog window's newly introduced second tab.
> 2) Files list entries are now shown in the form <file name (path)>.
> 3) A second tab with a bunch of new options has been added to the dialog 
> window.
>     Here they are:
>     A. Menu settings
>     - Do not install rfl's menu (In v2.2, this could be achieved manually)
>     - Number of files in the recent files list and in the menu (1 to 30)
>         (in v2.2 hard-coded to 9)
>     - Rewrite rfl's menu (=keep the menu up-to-date during a Stata session)
>         (not possible in v2.2)
>     B. Log file settings
>     - Load last log files, or load rfl's default log files (in v2.2 
> hard-coded)
>     - make cmdlogs dependent of logs, or treat log and cmdlog independently
>       (in v2.2 hard-coded)
>     - Overwrite the log file to be opened, or append to it (hard-coded 
> in v2.2)
>     - Overwrite the cmdlog file to be opened, or append to it 
> (hard-coded in v2.2)
>     - Don't warn me before replacing a log or cmdlog file (This setting is
>       not respected if a file is opened from the menu or with -rfluse-.
>       In these cases, a warning message will always pop up - but see below.)
>     - Make a backup copy before overwriting log files. Checking this setting
>       will also induce -rfl- to respect the Don't warn me before replacing a
>       log or cmdlog file setting even if a file is opened from the menu or
>       with -rfluse-.
>     C. Memory rule settings
>     - Choose the file size multiplier for the memory proposed (in v2.2
>       hard-coded to 1.5 and 1.2)
>     - Set a minimum (in v2.2 hard-coded)
>     - and a maximum memory (not possible in v2.2)
>     for the memory proposed.
>     All those settings can be stored and remembered between Stata sessions.
>     The general advice is: If you've been satisfied with rfl's 
> functionality before, you
>     don't have to bother with the new options. If you had the feeling 
> that something
>     wasn't as you'd like it, you may want to try the new options.
>     The structure of rfl.log had to be changed to reflect the additional 
> settings
>     rfl now remembers. It is updated automatically as soon as
>     you invoke the new version of -rfl- for the first time. You don't 
> have to do
>     anything yourself (and, in fact, should not do so).
> 4) Due to the other changes, the syntax of -rfluse- had to be changed 
> slightly.
>     First, a cmdlog option has been added. Second, the option l(#) has been
>     added to let you choose the log files you'd like to open together
>     with your data file without specifying their file names.
>     If neither l(#) nor any log files are specified, -rfluse- uses -rfl-'s
>     general settings.
> 5) The error message "no variables defined", which under certain 
> circumstances
>     appeared in the results window when calling rfl (but never was 
> harmful in any
>     respect), is now suppressed.
> 6) More consistent descriptions handling.
> 7) Fixed some minor bugs, additional minor improvements.
> Thanks to Dan Chandler who helped to make -rfl- display properly on Macs.
> Since I don't see much left to do, I reckon this is the last revision of 
> -rfl-,
> unless Stata Corp changes the executable in a way that prevents -rfl-
> from working properly (or allows Stata's User menu to be cleared
> selectively), or I get any complaints or suggestions, or some bug
> is detected, or...
> As always, bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome.
> Enjoy,
> Dankwart Plattner
> General description (updated):
> rfl resembles a most recently used files list (called MRU in other Windows
> programs) allowing the user to open a file from a list of previously opened
> files. Every file opened with rfl is added to the list of recently used 
> files.
> In addition, the user is allowed to set the memory allocated to Stata,
> to attach a short description to each file opened, and to open appropriate
> log and cmdlog files, if she wishes so. If data are present in memory at 
> the
> time rfl is called, the user may save and close open files from within
> rfl's dialog. In addition, rfl can place its own menu under Stata's User 
> menu
> for easy access to the most recently opened files.
> -rfl- supports file names of any length, even in Stata's non-SE
> Intercooled. Stata 8.2 is needed. Version 3.0 runs on all platforms.
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