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Re: st: Stata for Pocket PC?

From   Ron´┐Żn Conroy <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Stata for Pocket PC?
Date   Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:05:00 +0000

Peter Jepsen wrote:

Dear Statalisters,

I'm about to buy a Pocket PC, and I'm thinking that it would be really great
if it could run Stata. Is that possible? And if not (which I suspect, as the
Stata website does not say anything about Pocket PC), does anyone know
whether it will be?

I did my best, over dinner, a year or two ago, to convince Bill Gould that a statistics package for the Palm was the obvious development. And Stata has an ideal architecture to do it, since a user could install a basic Stata engine and then the ados they wanted to use, in the way that, say, MetrO users download the transport networks they need.

Memory and speed on PDAs are increasing to the point where serious statistics would be possible. Certainly, a basic version of Stata that did the sorts of routine data manipulations and statistics that Stata 1 did would be a boon on PDA. I take my Palm and folding keyboard everywhere, and do most of my work on it, but have to lug my laptop with me when there are statistics involved.

I don't think we'll get an official announcement from StataCorp - not their style - but I wonder how many other Stata users feel the need for stats on their PDA.


Ronan M Conroy ([email protected]) Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics Royal College of Surgeons Dublin 2, Ireland +353 1 402 2431 (fax 2764) -------------------- Just say no to drug reps

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