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st: update to -estout- on SSC

From   "Jann, Ben" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: update to -estout- on SSC
Date   Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:55:57 +0100

Thanks to Kit Baum, the -estout- package has been 
updated on SSC.

Type -ssc install estout- to install the package.
I recommend to uninstall previous versions of 
-estout- (see -help ado-) before installing the 
update in order to delete some obsolete files 
from your system.

Please take note of the following changes if you 
intend to upgrade to the new version:

 - The naming convention for -estout-'s defaults files
   has been changed in order to prevent name conflicts. 
   The defaults files are now called "estout_style.def" 
   where "style" is the name the defaults set. In 
   addition, the -defaults()- option has been renamed to
   -style()- (however, -defaults()- can still be used
   as a synonym for -style()-).

 - The package includes a new -estoutdef- command to 
   view and edit -estout-'s defaults files.

 - The package includes a new -estadd- command. 
   -estadd- can be used to add additional results to 
   the e()-returns for the stored models and thus make 
   them available for tabulation with -estout-. 

   In turn, -estout- does not support subroutines 
   anymore to calculate new statistics. Consequently, 
   also the -stats(,calc())- option does not exist 

   I realized that the computation of additional 
   results and the formating of output tables are 
   two very different tasks and should be separated.
 - A lot of work has been done to improve the online 

Minor changes:

 - The package includes a new style called "fixed". It 
   produces a table with fixed column widths.
 - The intervall for -starlevels- is now (0,1] instead 
   of (0,1) and null strings ("") are allowed as symbols. 

 - -estout- now supports multiple display formats for 
   parameter statistics (e.g. %9.3f for the standard 
   error of the first coefficient, %9.4f for the 
   standard error of the second coefficient, and so 
   on). The last format is used for the remaining 
   regressors if the number of regressors in the table
   is greater than the number of specified formats.

 - -estout- now uses the last format for the remaining 
   summary statistics if the number of summary statistics
   in the table is greater than the number of specified

 - ... and, of course, a couple of bugfixes.

Have fun,

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