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st: RE: RE: Error with -update all-

From   "Richard Palmer-Jones" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Error with -update all-
Date   Mon, 29 Nov 2004 08:35:35 -0000

I often have problems with live update no matter how long I set the timeouts
- due no doubt to being in Dhaka and the failure of the GoB to connect us by
cable to the internet. 
I download updates from but
often find that these files are updated some time after they go live - e.g.
the .ado are described today as last updated on 6th Oct although "update
query" gives 24th Nov and recommends "update ado", still running with no
download yet prompting me to turn to the ftp/html download page. 
Moreover, this source  of .ado updates seems to include all the updates
since Stata 8 was born and this makes for a large file to download which can
also be problematic - is it too much to ask to have different .ado updates
according to the last update on your PC?
ps - update ado tells me that I am up to date, notwithstanding my ados being
reported as only up to 6/10 - some bug perhaps?

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Subject: st: RE: Error with -update all-

No. But you don't continue at all. Just 
try again later. If problems persist, 
you need tech-support's help. 

[email protected] 

Patricia Sourdin

> I'm trying to update all and after quite a while of 
> downloading, I get the
> following message and therefore the whole process stops.
> file 
> not found
> server says file temporarily redirected to 
> Does anyone know what's going on and how do I continue to update all?

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