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RE: st: Checking reliability of a measurement device

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Checking reliability of a measurement device
Date   Fri, 26 Nov 2004 18:03:12 -0000

Thanks for the plug. Please note, however, 
that anyone interested in -concord- should 
not (normally) download the STB-45 version. 
Below my signature is a reprise of the 
authors' last public word on this program 
from 8 October. Incidentally, the Editors
of the Stata Journal approved the Update. 

[email protected] 

================================== 8 Oct 2004 posting 

Thanks to Kit Baum, the program -concord- 
on SSC by Thomas Steichen and myself has 
been updated. The changes include 

* a dialog 

* port of the graphics to Stata 8 

* some extra new features 

* some extra references in the help file. 

In fact, this is the most radical overhaul 
in the history of this fairly old Stata program. 

Naturally, this update requires Stata 8. 

This update will also appear formally 
in Stata Journal 4(4), the next issue, 
subject to approval by the Editors. 

Please note that earlier versions 
of -concord- are available as follows, 
as indicated by -search concord-: 

For Stata 7, in Stata Journal 2-2 files 
	(version 2.2.7)

For Stata 6, in STB-58 files 
	(version 2.2.3)

For Stata 5, in STB-45 files 
	(version 2.1.6)

However, !!! and this is a big 
however, note that the last two 
versions, and any other versions 
extant before 2.2.7, include 
calculations of the standard 
error of the concordance correlation
based on the formula in Lin's original paper in 
Biometrics 1989; that formula was corrected
in Biometrics 2000. Therefore the authors 
disavow versions before 2.2.7 and urge
any users to update to Stata 8 so that 
they can use the newest -concord- (and 
other stuff too, naturally). 

[email protected] 


David Airey
> This package seems to have an aspect of what you want:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------- 
> -------
>   help for concord                       (STB-43: sg84; 
> STB-45: sg84.1)
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------- 
> -------
>   Concordance correlation coefficient
>   -----------------------------------

*   For searches and help try:

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