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st: Re: auto SSC whatsnew

From   Kit Baum <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: auto SSC whatsnew
Date   Sat, 20 Nov 2004 09:36:13 -0500

I would think this routine would be more useful if it displayed the information shown by SSC whatsnew and asked the user to reply 'y' or 'n' to each proposed install. SSC contains Stata packages over a wide variety of techniques, and the person interested in haplotype analysis may not be interested in restricted cubic splines, or the Hodrick-Prescott filter, and vice versa. These things may each be very useful to a set of Stata users, but those sets may be disjoint. I would think that installing everything new (or revised) on SSC on the off chance that it might be something you want to use someday will just clutter your hard disk with hundreds of packages. Personally, I would rather type 'ssc install foo' when I realize that I need some user-written tool that I don't happen to have on this machine.

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics

On Nov 20, 2004, at 2:33 AM, Joseph wrote:

I've got the following do-file for this in my Stata directory, and a pointer
to it tied to a function button in my profile.ado file. I'm not sure why I
didn't make it an ado-file and place it in my personal ado directory. In
too much of a hurry, I guess.

I believe that, even if a lot of people run it often, it wouldn't put an
undue load on the SSC server . . .

Joseph Coveney

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