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Re: st: Do file refusing to open

From   Daniel Egan <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Do file refusing to open
Date   Wed, 17 Nov 2004 22:56:57 -0500

I would suggest reading up on text editors (other than notepad) at  I do not know
that you can increase the memory of the text editor.

My trick:
I keep one do file in the do file editor, which references the files I
have in my text editor. That way you don't mess around with the
master, but can change the subfiles at will.

 I personally use crimson editor. It has one screen, on the top of
which there are tabs. Each of these tabs represents a file, thus I

[] [][][]

where says "do sub1, do sub2" etc. Its extremely easy to
keep on top of files that way. Crimson also has syntax highlighting
which is useful, as well as the other nifty text editing tricks that
the stata editor does not.

If you are even more ambitious, you can read up on invoking stata from
the text editor, a trick I have heard of but never tried.


. Sometimes when I try to open a do
> file I get the message:
> "Could not open file because it is larger than 32000 bites". Of course
> I can always open it as an ASCII e.g. in Notepad, then edit it as
> needed, then run it by typing do c:\...\ but that is rather
> tedious if I am interacting frequently between running and editing. Any
> ideas how I can increase the "memory" of the do file opener? I have
> broken the file down into smaller do files but I can't keep doing that
> as it becomes hard to overview the programme.
> Any suggestions welcome.
> Thanks,
> Tewodaj
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