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Re: st: r(or) with tabodds com

From   May Boggess <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: r(or) with tabodds com
Date   17 Nov 2004 13:05:48 -0600

On Wednesday, Paolo  wrote:

> The [ST] manual on page 60 says that in Tabodds command are saved in 
> r(), as scalars, the odds.
> But, actually, when you see the list of return, you can't see those scalars.
> Is this a bug?

In any Stata command, some results may only be saved with a particular
specification of a command. So the list given in the manual is the union
of all sets of results possible with that command.

In the case of -tabodds-, specifying an exposure variable is optional.
If you do not, -tabodds- calculates a single odds, together with its
confidence interval, and that is what is saved.

If you do specify an exposure variable, there will probably be at least
two odds, with corresponding intervals. What is saved in this
case is the relevent information from the homogeneity and trend tests.

Here is an example:

 webuse bdesop
 tabodds case [fw=fr]
 ret list
 tabodds case alc [fw=fr]
 ret list

-- May

[email protected]

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