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st: RE: Graph truncates axis labels and titles

From   "Jonas Dahlqvist" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Graph truncates axis labels and titles
Date   Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:55:28 +0100

I see... Pehaps it is time to check if there is any money left on my grant for an upgrade of STATA. 

As for the titles, I am trying to use (almost) complete Likert-type  statement from the items. However, e.g. the statement:

"company or founder already had good reputation" (46 chars) is truncated to
"company or founder already had g" which is 32 chars long. This happens even if the axis is alsmost three times as long as the full statement would be. So, I guess it is the limit and 32 characters rings "four times eight bits" to me.

Thanks (a lot),

Jonas Dahlqvist
J�nk�ping International Business School
J�nk�ping, SWEDEN

>>> [email protected] 2004-11-17 12:30:17 >>>
You may not like this answer, but the best way 
to deal with this is to upgrade to Stata 8. 

You are quite right. Even by Stata 7 the -graph- 
code was in several respects very dated. Some 
of it went back to a time when value labels 
were at most 8 characters long, and thus 
axis labels were truncated. In essence, 
StataCorp didn't fix this because they were 
working on a total overhaul, which is now in 
Stata 8. 

In the case of axis titles, my guess is just
that there just not enough space to show 
your variable label, but I am still surprised 
by that. Perhaps you could give a concrete 

[email protected] 

Jonas Dahlqvist
> When doing basic histograms with the graph command, STATA 
> automatically uses value and variable labels for the axis 
> labels and titles. However in the graphs, the labels and 
> titles are often truncated. I have searched (plenty) for 
> information on this and but have not found any "knob" to turn 
> to make STATA generate longer axis labels and titles from the 
> variable labels and value labels. As it stands, I cannot even 
> get STATA to generate axis labels long enough to accommodate 
> basic Likert-type statements. So my question is, are there 
> any suitable knobs to turn? I use Stata 7 Intercooled.

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