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st: UPDATE: -rfl- 2.2 a recent files list for Stata available on SSC

From   "Dankwart Plattner" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: UPDATE: -rfl- 2.2 a recent files list for Stata available on SSC
Date   Tue, 16 Nov 2004 14:39:15 +0100

Thanks to Kit Baum, version 2.2 of -rfl- is now available from the SSC archives. Type -ssc describe rfl- for a package description or -ssc install rfl- to install. To update, type -ssc install rfl.pkg, replace-.

What's new?
1) rfl now works on a Mac, too. However, the display is not the most pretty one. But it is fully functional, and there are no scrambled lines any more. Thanks to James Hassell of StataCorp for his most helpful advice and to Dan Chandler for his patient testing of the incremental changes made to the display of the dialog on a Mac (I have no access to a Mac).
2) A new feature, rfl's menu, has been implemented. The 9 most recently used files are now accessible from Stata's User menu. rfl menu works like rfluse called with a file name (see the help file for details).
3) To the left of the Change description/Edit description button, rfl now displays Del or Ren in a small box when a file is selected in the file lists which has been marked for deletion or renaming, respectively
4) Bug fix: rfluse called with a filename only would not open the corresponding log file. rfluse called without parameters would not open the most recently opened file, but the 5th in the list.
5) Bug fix: The Change description/Edit description button would not always display properly.
6) Help file corrected: The correct syntax for rfluse is not to put the file name in quotes: -rfluse c:\mydata-.

General description (updated):
rfl resembles a most recently used files list (called MRU in other Windows programs) allowing the user to open a file from a list of previously opened files. Every file opened with rfl is added to the list of files. In addition, the user is allowed to set the memory allocated to Stata, to attach a short description to each file opened, and to open an appropriate log file, if she wishes so. If data are present in memory at the time rfl is called, the user may save and close open files from within rfl's dialog. In addition, rfl places its own menu under Stata's user menu to allow easy access to the 9 most recently opened files.
-rfl- supports file names of up to 259 characters, even in Stata's non-SE Intercooled. Stata 8.2 is needed. Version 2.2 may run on Windows, Unix and MacOS. No information about Solaris is yet available.

Bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Dankwart Plattner

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