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Re: st: RE: Triming labels.

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Subject   Re: st: RE: Triming labels.
Date   Fri, 12 Nov 2004 12:18:35 -0500

Thanks David.

This solution is to label a variable. What if you want to save as a macro?
I try your suggestion but it returns missing.

In fact, I want to put the label in a local macro. I am doing something like

prog mytab


qui tabstat `varlist' [`weight' `exp'], stats(mean) long save
mat M=r(StatTot)
local matvar "National"

foreach i in urban region sex marstat {
       cap confirm numeric `i'
       qui {
               lab li `i'
               local min = r(min)   /*To get the minimum value*/
               local max=r(max) /*To get the maximum value*/

qui tabstat `varlist' [`weight' `exp'], stats(mean) by(`i') long save
      forval j=`min'/`max' {
               local lab`j': label `i' `j'
               local matvar "`matvar' `lab`j''"
              mat M= M \r(Stat`i')
mat M = M'
local matvar: list uniq matvar
mat colnames M = `matvar'
mat li M, f(%4.3f)

I am getting conformability error because the labels have blanks.

Best regards.

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-trim()- only removes leading and trailing blanks. To remove embedded blanks you
will need to use something like -subinstr()-.

Are you talking about variable labels or value labels? If variable labels, then
something along the lines of

foreach v of varlist _all {
             label var `v' "`=subinstr("`: var lab `v''"," ","",.)'"

should remove all embedded blanks from all variable labels (which may be a
little overkill!) - to limit to certain variables change the -_all- to the
varlist you want changed.

Something along similar lines ought to work for value labels.

[email protected]

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Subject: st: Triming labels.


How to remove blanks in labels (for example : "Region\ South" to
I am trying trim but it is not working.
Best regards.

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