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st: Stata/SE console for Mac OS X

From   [email protected]
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Subject   st: Stata/SE console for Mac OS X
Date   Thu, 11 Nov 2004 10:56:05 -0600

We seem to be getting a lot more questions about running Stata remotely in
addition to the requests for a console version of Stata for Mac OS X.  I'm
happy to announce that we plan to release a console version of Stata/SE in
the very near future.  Watch our website for an announcement.

Some quick FAQs off the top of my head.

0)  How much will it cost?  Do I need a new license?

It's free to registered users of Stata/SE for the Macintosh.  It uses the
same license as the existing GUI version.

1)  Will the console version of Stata/SE be faster than the GUI version?

Yes and no.

Yes, it will be faster when outputting text.  The GUI version has the overhead
of maintaining the interface while the console version just outputs ASCII
text.  Interactively, you won't notice much difference but when running a
batch file with lots of output, you should notice some difference.

No, it will not be faster computationally.

2)  Can I display graphs with the console version?


3)  Do you plan to release an X-Windows version so that I can display graphs?


4)  Do you plan to release a console version of Intercooled Stata?

No, but you can still use the existing batch mode features of Stata for the

5)  Where can I find documentation and support?

We will provide documentation for setting up the console version.  Users may
opt for the Getting Started with Stata for Unix but you'll find most of the
topics are already covered in the GSM.  Very limited technical support will be
offered for setting up the console version.

However, we will still offer full technical support to Stata the product.

6)  Will I have to update the console version separately of the GUI version?

For now, yes.  This may change if the console version proves popular.

7)  Can we expect the console version to be a permanent part of Stata for the

We will reevaluate the viability of a console version of Stata for the
Macintosh in future releases.  As I've mentioned before, a console version of
Stata for the Macintosh was offered in Stata 7 and we had one (very
infrequent) user.  That's why we were so hesitant in offering a console
version until now.

8)  When will it be available?

Soon.  Hopefully, by the week of Nov. 15, 2004.

-Chinh Nguyen
 [email protected]
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