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st: -modeldiag- available on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: -modeldiag- available on SSC
Date   Wed, 10 Nov 2004 15:39:27 -0000

Thanks to Kit Baum, a -modeldiag- package has been 
added to SSC, superseding the following packages: 

anovaplot     indexplot 
ofrtplot      ovfplot 
qfrplot       rdplot 
regplot       rhetplot 
rvfplot2      rvlrplot 

-modeldiag- contains these programs, 
each with a corresponding .hlp: 

anovaplot     indexplot 
ofrtplot      ovfplot 
qfrplot       racplot 
rdplot        regplot 
rhetplot      rvfplot2 
rvlrplot      rvpplot2

The same names occur as above, with the 
exception of -racplot-, which is new on SSC. 

In addition, there is an overarching help, 

-modeldiag- is a bundle of graphics programs 
that may be run after fitting a regression-type 
command. Programs are written for Stata 8, except 
that in most cases a previous version written for Stata 
7 is also included in the package. There is nothing 
for Stata 6 or earlier versions. 

Numbering conventions are that "2" added to 
the name indicates a program offered 
as a generalisation of the corresponding
official Stata command and that "7" added
to the name indicates a program written for 
Stata 7. 

There is a strong bias here towards plots 
useful with responses that are continuous 
or can be treated as such. Lest this 
be labelled "continuous chauvinism" and 
met with categorical contempt let me underline
that Scott Long and Jeremy Freese maintain
various substantial -spost*- packages, including 
not only graphics but various other commands. 

Official Stata has programs with similar intent
documented at [R] regression diagnostics. 
In no case does any of those run except after 
-regress-, or possibly -anova-. Such restrictions are not 
built into the programs in -modeldiag-,
except that -anovaplot- does require a prior -anova-. 

Official Stata also has commands like -twoway lfit-, 
-twoway qfit-, -twoway fpfit-, which although intended
as exploratory tools, may also be run after a model 

It is difficult to know of all related work, but 
Phil Ender and Michael Mitchell from UCLA have
also written several similar programs. 

This package originated under Stata 7 and programs 
written at that time are frozen as is, with names like 
-anovaplot7-. I rewrote most of the programs for Stata 8 
in early 2003, and have now again revised them all. 

In most cases, the revision is minor or at least should 
be upward compatible with the version previously on SSC, 
but in a few cases I have had second thoughts about the syntax. 
-indexplot- is a case in point. This may 
break a few .do files, or habits, but I hope does not 
cause real inconvenience. Maintaining the 
Stata 8 versions kept on SSC until just now would just
be a complication too far. 

Similarly, I hope that abolishing the 
individual packages in favour of a single 
bigger one causes no inconvenience and indeed 
is convenient for anyone interestd. 

Archives need maintenance, as Kit's almost daily 
work makes clear! 

Kit Baum, Denis de Crombrugghe, Phil Ender, Ken Higbee, 
and Andy Sloggett also kindly commented on earlier 
versions of programs now in -modeldiag-. 

[email protected] 

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