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st: A simultanous equation model question

From   "Michael Johnson" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: A simultanous equation model question
Date   Wed, 03 Nov 2004 15:04:44 -0600

Dear lister:

I'm estimating a  simultanous equation model for household decision making,
and the model goes as follows:

household decision Y1 is dependent on household characteristics X1, and the
PRESENCE of any of the household member decison Y2:


where Y1 and Y2 are binary, and [Y2]=max(Y2) for all memebers in the

Household member decison Y2 is dependent on individual member chracteristics
X2, and household decison Y1:


Have anybody seen such a model in application, maybe in Stata, and give some

Thanks a lot,


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