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st: RE: length(s) question

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: length(s) question
Date   Mon, 25 Oct 2004 21:58:39 +0100

The problem is the space between your function name 
-length- and its argument. 

The correct syntax is not 

length (s) 



Incidentally, I don't think it follows that every 
string should be the same length for _any_ purpose. 

In general, that would require some padding by spaces. which can 
be very wasteful of storage. I am not clear 
exactly what you want to do, but I've never found 
padding by spaces essential (well, not since 
Stata extended the range of string formats some years 
ago), so there will be a better solution. 

[email protected] 

Julia A. Gamas
> I am trying to determine the length of a string variable 
> because this length
> changes in each observation and I want to work with substr, 
> so I need the
> variable to be the same size accross observations.  But I'm 
> getting an error
> message that I simply don't understand how to fix.
> I write:  generate long = length (vp40_11), vp40_11 is the 
> string varible
> whose length I want.
> Error message reads:  "too few variables specification","r(102)"
> However, the help section says to write
> "generate varname = exp" and exp in this case is length (s), 
> where "s" is
> the string variable.
> So I can't really understand which variable is missing.  Can 
> anybody help me
> out?

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