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RE: st: dates

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: dates
Date   Thu, 21 Oct 2004 10:48:34 +0100

I guess at least a few people may be confused by this thread. 

The problem is _not_ the order of the elements month, day, 
year, as Stata's -date()- function is capable of handling 
various orders. The issue is Stata's assumption that 
the dates come with separators. Rodrigo's examples show 
his problem better than his notation, which includes separators. 

In my experience, dates without separators (run-together 
dates) are fairly common. I have heard some individuals comment
that in particular fields they are actually the norm! 

-todate- has been a work-around lurking on SSC since 2001 
while StataCorp gets round to supporting them. 

Several FAQs discuss dates. This may be the one that Rodrigo
alludes to:

[email protected] 

Rodrigo Briceno wrote:

> > Dear statalisters. I reviewed the FAQ about how to handle 
> dates and I
> > discovered some interesting functions to deal with dates. I 
> have a little
> > problem with the dates I have, because the order of 
> mm-dd-yy is not present.
> > My dates are dd-mm-yy. I downloaded the "todate" program, 
> and I was capable
> > to convert the dates in several files that I have, but 
> other files has this
> > different structure. Does anyone knows how to handle with 
> this feature?
> > 
> -todate- should do it.  Look at the help file a little more carefully.
> -todate- doesn't require mm-dd-yy order.  In fact, it 
> requires that you specify 
> the order with the pattern option.  in your case, ddmmyyyy, i.e.
>    todate adm_date dis_date, p(ddmmyyyy) gen(adm_date2 dis_date2)

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