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st: On Bootstrap question

From   "Chintrakarn, Pandej" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: On Bootstrap question
Date   Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:31:50 -0500


	Dear all,
	Please set aside your time to look at my program.
	I try to run the program on bootstraping eventually to obtain  the standard deviation of "att"(average treatement effect on treated).  In addition my att is computed with controlling for the "year" variable to control for unobserved time effects.
	Somehow the output reports  
	command -> withinyear
	an error occurred when command was executed on original dataset
	please rerun bootstrap and specify the trace option to see a trace of the commands bootstrap executed
	I have no clue what goes wrong with this.  
	My do-file is the following..

		adopath + c:\

		bootstrap withinyear, reps(500) saving(c:\results) replace

		My program is version 8.2 (last updated). my "ado" file is also saved in c:\.

		program define withinyear

		version 7.0

		if "`1'" == "?" {

		global S_1 "a1"



		tempvar x  y0 

		tempname att 


		psmatch2  D1  x1 x2 x3  if year==1999, ate logit out( y)

		rename _y  `y0'


		psmatch2  D1  x1 x2 x3  if year==2000, ate logit out( y)

		replace `y0'=_y if year==2000 & _treated==1


		psmatch2  D1  x1 x2 x3  if year==2001, ate logit out( y)

		replace `y0'=_y if year==2001 & _treated==1


		psmatch2  D1  x1 x2 x3  if year==2002, ate logit out( y)

		replace `y0'=_y if year==2002 & _treated==1

		gen `x'=y -`y0'

		summarize `x'

		scalar `att'=r(mean)


		if _rc==0 {post `1' (`att')}


		I thank you all very much for spending time to assist me.

		Many thanks,


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