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st: Re: rfl

From   "Dankwart Plattner" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: rfl
Date   Tue, 12 Oct 2004 16:01:22 +0200

Kit Baum wrote on 12.10.04 13:20:05:
> I can verify that the latest version does _not_ work on Mac OS X, at 
> least not the dialog mode. 

Does -rfluse- work? (though -rfluse- is of limited use itself, it will give some indication whether the ado files work correctly on a Mac - they shoud, but who knows?).

> Most of the text labels in the dialog box 
> are unreadable using standard fonts; they are all scrunched up. But the 
> serious issue is that the Choose.. button does nothing at all. It does 
> not bring up the standard File Open dialog.
That's what I've been told already after version 2.0 was up. I have no idea why this is so and cannot do anything about it, since I live in a Windows world. The Stata manual states that dialogs should be compatible across platforms. The problem with scrunched text labels might be solvable by designing the dialog with more space between the controls, but the problems with the Choose... button, which should clearly open a file open dialog, is rather a Stata problem (it does not involve the ado file behind the dialog, but works directly in the dialog). Maybe the knowledgable people at Stata Corp. can take a look at this. I will contact them on behalf of this.

> Hitting "OK" gives a box 
> indicating that nothing has been done,

This is by design - if no file has been chosen to open, nothing will happen. At least this portion of the ado file behind the dialog seems to work well on a Mac.

> but Choose does not give that 
> option.

As mentioned above, "Choose..." is completely whithin Stata.

In the meantime, I've found a small problem in version 2.1: If you enter or change a description for a _new_ file (i. e. one you've selected with "Other data file" and "Choose..."), the description will not show up in the dialog after you click "Done". Rather, the last description shown will be displayed (or nothing, respectively). This might be confusing, but is only a display problem: the correct description is taken and remembered between sessions. The problem does not arise with files already known to -rfl-.


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