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Re: st: Mlogit with panel

From   Michael Ingre <>
Subject   Re: st: Mlogit with panel
Date   Thu, 8 Jul 2004 09:53:21 +0200

On 2004-07-07, at 21.43, Clive Nicholas wrote:

Edlira Nazarani wrote:

I'm trying to run a mlogit using cross-sectional time series data.
Is it right to run as:
mlogit depvar indepvar , cluster i(ind)
should i use instead a xtlogit as:

xtlogit depvar indepvar,re i(ind)
If your dependent variable really is multinomial, my personal preference
would be to use -mlogit- but, if possible, to use time dummies on the RHS
of the equation. This should work especially if you have lots of
observations for each cross-section.
You could also estimate it as a random intercept model with -gllamm-.

. gllamm depvar indepvar , i(ind) link(mlogit) fam(binom) adapt trace

However, it may take some time to compute.


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