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st: Missing Wald Chi2 value

From   "Kamat, Siddhesh" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Missing Wald Chi2 value
Date   Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:18:48 -0400

Hi All,
I am running a logistic model with 8 categorical independent variables.
The sample size is 516 patients. 
The model has a non-significant Pearson's chi2 and 3 variables are
significant at the 0.05 alpha level. 
The Wald chi2 indicates a missing value and the STATA message reads "
Your estimation results show a F or chi2 model statistic reported to be
missing.  Stata has done that so as not to be    misleading, not because
there is something necessarily wrong with your model." 
Has any one come across this situation before? 
I would appreciate any input. 
Thank you - sid

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Also, make sure your Stata is up to date.  There was a significant
improvement on April 10th, 20003.

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