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st: empty dataset; display gives impossible answer

From   "A.M. Vos" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: empty dataset; display gives impossible answer
Date   Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:44:42 +0200

Dear all,
to check whether my data recoding and selection was done properly I gave
the commands below.
It appeared that none of the cases in my dataset had the combination of
FIRSTCAS equals1 and CLPL not equal to 1, which was great. Thus, after
the "keep" I had an empty dataset, with only the names of all (about 50)
variables. Why than did "display <variable1> <variable2>" give an
answer, and what does it mean?

. dis _N

. keep if (FIRSTCAS==1 & CLPL~=1)
(8200 observations deleted)


thanks for any thougts,

A.M. Vos
dept. of Public Health
Erasmus MC
University Medical Center Rotterdam
P.O. Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (10) 4087502
Fax: +31 (10) 4089449
email: [email protected]

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