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Re: st: Rotated Y-axis labels disappear on "Copy graph"

From   Thomas Trikalinos (.Mac) <>
Subject   Re: st: Rotated Y-axis labels disappear on "Copy graph"
Date   Tue, 29 Jun 2004 19:41:32 +0300

I think this won't happen if you export the graph as *.wmf (or *.pict in Mac) and then import the wmf/pict in Word.
after drawing the graph:
. gr export myGraph.wmf , as(wmf)

under Windows (use *.pict in Mac)

Hope this works,

On Jun 29, 2004, at 18:13, wrote:

Hi, good folks.

I'm a recent convert to STATA and have to say I just love it. How did I ever survive before?

I've a very simple (???) problem, but I can't find the solution. I have a twoway line graph. The values on the Y-axis run from 0 to 10, in steps of 2. If I choose the default angle, the graph is fine. If I copy the graph (to paste to Word), the pasted graph is also fine. However, I'd like to rotate the labels so that they are vertical. Again, the on-screen graph is fine. But when I copy and paste the graph, the labels disappear. Am I missing something?

I'm using STATA 8 SE.


Joseph McDonnell

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