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Re: st: Graph window does not shrink to fit the screen on Mac

From   Thomas Trikalinos (.Mac) <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Graph window does not shrink to fit the screen on Mac
Date   Tue, 29 Jun 2004 16:39:30 +0300

I encountered this nuisance too. It's Mac specific.
It happens when a graph window is open and you redraw it /or draw a new larger graph (e.g. specifying the xsize and/or ysize options).
If you close the graph widow before the new graph appears (even within the time space between issuing a "graph ... " command and the redrawing of your graph), it is redrawn with an optimum zoom.
However, I think that STATA Corp should fix that. Pressing the green button ought to do the trick.


On Jun 29, 2004, at 15:39, Michael Ingre wrote:

Dear list

I have a problem with the graph window that I suspect is Mac-related but there might be windows users out there with similar problems.

Sometimes it seems impossible to shrink the window so it fits the screen. It works most of the time by pushing the green button on top of the window (or dragging the lower right corner). However, sometimes you accidentally end up with a too large window to begin with (for example after enlarging the default window and then -graph combine- with several graphs in one column) and it seems impossible to shrink it to fit the screen.

Changing the screen resolution (back and forth) is a workaround that forces the window to be re-drawn in a size that fits the window.


(Mac OS X 10.3.4)

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