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st: INEQDECO: GINI Inequality Index Question

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: INEQDECO: GINI Inequality Index Question
Date   Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:41:08 -0400

Hi! Could anyone help me out on this?
I had no problems with -ineqdeco- command before.
It worked very well. 
But today I tried same things with same data using -ineqdeco-.
(Note that I updated -ineqdeco- command today)
I couldn't get the result(please see outputs below)
Why STATA says "no observations"?
Does anyone know what's going on?
Thanks in advance!


/*pci: per capita income*/
/*group: four groups*/

.ineqdeco pci if year==1970, by(group)
Warning: pci has 3 values = 0. Not used in calculations
Percentile ratios for distribution of pci: all valid obs.
p90/p10  p90/p50  p10/p50  p75/p25  p75/p50  p25/p50
  2.018    1.450    0.719    1.379    1.186    0.861
Generalized Entropy indices GE(a), where a = income difference
 sensitivity parameter, and Gini coefficient

  All obs |     GE(-1)       GE(0)       GE(1)       GE(2)        Gini
        0 |                                                           
Atkinson indices, A(e), where e > 0 is the inequality aversion parameter

  All obs |     A(0.5)        A(1)        A(2)
          |    0.02776     0.05444     0.11905
Subgroup summary statistics, for each subgroup k = 1,...,K:
no observations

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