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Re: st: super- and subscripts in the textbox

From   Toyoto Iwata <>
Subject   Re: st: super- and subscripts in the textbox
Date   Fri, 25 Jun 2004 22:33:54 +0900

Dear Nick Cox and listers,

Thank you for your reply and forgive me for my poor English.
My interest was on the first two as indicated in the subject line
of this mail. Namely,

> What are wanted here are 
> 	subscript 2 
> 	superscript -1. 

For serious graphs including 3-dimensional ones, I can now 
utilize SigmaPlot 3.0 (, the product of about 10 years ago 
when its maker had not been engulphed by SPSS,) where fonts
can be controlled in each text boxes including subscripts
and superscripts.
Now as Stata has clear graphs, and "schemes" is heard to be
prospective, I want to know the method for controll fonts.

> I don't know a way of getting the first two, but I'd like 
> to underscore the request. 
> mu and some other characters can, depending on fonts
> available, be obtained by using -char()- or {c #}. 
> For example, mu is obtainable on my Windows machine 
> as char(181) or within text as "{c 181}". 
> There was a write-up of this in the Stata Journal 
> Stata tip 6: Inserting awkward characters in the plot. 
> Q1/04   SJ 4(1):95--96 
> Nick 

Thank you, please notice us if you find a good method.
And for the chr(#) technique, I will drill it from now on.

Best Regards,


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