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st: command ocratio and its option test

From   "Aijing Shang" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: command ocratio and its option test
Date   Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:41:40 +0200

Dear all,
I met problem when I applied ocratio on an ordered outcome data. The outcome
is global assessment of patients (named as gloass) which has value 1 to 4 (1
is very bad, 2 is bad, 3 is no change, 4 is better). The risk factors are
age, gender, diabetes, and so on. When I typed ocratio gloass age, Stata
works well. However, I want to test whether the model parameters are
constant. When I typed ocratio gloass age, test, Stata always gave me an
error message "option init() not allowed". But I did not use option init()
in my command. Then I checked the ado file of ocratio, option init() was
used in glm command. Then I thought maybe it is a version problem. However,
even I used version 5, the same error message still appeared. Could anybody
tell me what is wrong and how I should do. Thank you very much in advance.

Best wishes
Aijing Shang

Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
University Berne
Finkenhubelweg 11
CH-3012, Berne
Tel: 0041 31 631 3529
Fax: 0041 31 631 3520

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