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RE: Stata Wishlist: Line wrap when printing from viewer

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   RE: Stata Wishlist: Line wrap when printing from viewer
Date   Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:50:53 +0100

At 16:11 24/06/2004, Nick Cox wrote (in reply to Shawn.Fultz):
Unless I'm missing something specific,
I think this is based on a misunderstanding.
Help files, as from Stata 7, are based on
SMCL, and there is no fixed, pre-defined line width,
although there can be, and often are, fixed
new paragraphs.

Rather the issue is to size your window
so that what is copied and later printed
is the right size.
This issue is surely part of the general issue of saving reproducible windowing preferences. With the present technology (correct me if I'm wrong), if you want the printed lines from the Help window to be the right size for your printer, then you have to tweak the window size by trial and error, typically wasting a bit of paper in the process, and then use the menu sequence

Prefs->Save Windowing Preferences

to save that window size for the Help window, together with window sizes and positions for all other Stata windows. If you later change the Help window size, then you can restore it using the menu sequence

Prefs->Load Windowing Preferences

The main limitation of this practice is that we can only save one set of windowing preferences at a time. It would be useful to have a library of windowing preference sets, and to load each one at will.
Unfortunately, if like me you use Windows, then, to do this, you must either start working with the Registry Editor and create a library of .reg documents containing Stata windowing preferences, or re-define yourself at system level as a set of multiple users, each with its own set of windowing preferences. The first of these possibilities apparently can render your computer unusable if you make a minor mistake, and the second would create extra work for the system administrator (at least in our system).

If StataCorp are listening, then I would like to add the capability of saving multiple sets of windowing preference sets to the Stata Wish list.


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