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st: RE: RE: RE:[training Stata programming]

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: RE:[training Stata programming]
Date   Wed, 16 Jun 2004 18:17:33 +0100

Yes, it does help a lot. Evidently you 
don't want advice; you want someone to 
do it. In these circumstances it is 
generally best for people able and 
willing to do this to contact Jovina 
privately to discuss details, times, 
places and dollars. 

[email protected] 

Jovina Johnson
> What I am thinking is someone who can teach a group of about 
> 6 people how to
> program Stata. We would need about 3-5 days and our economist 
> would sit with
> the trainer and tell them exactly what to cover in the 
> training. Does that help at all?

Nick Cox
> There are at least two clear but distinct answers
> to this.
> 1. StataCorp have massive experience
> running NetCourses. But their way of
> doing it may be quite different from
> what you have in mind.
> 2. What do you have in mind? There is
> one unequivocal definition of Stata
> programming. It means that you
> write Stata programs, that is you
> write things like this:
> 	program myprog
> 	...
> 	end
> Can you confirm that this is what you
> have in mind? Or are you thinking of
> something else?
> Nick
> [email protected]
> Jovina Johnson
> > I was wondering if anybody has experience training groups in Stata
> > programming. Any help is appreciated.

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