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st: Escaping dollar sign in graphs

Subject   st: Escaping dollar sign in graphs
Date   Mon, 14 Jun 2004 16:53:10 -0400

This problem came up on the list a few weeks but I would like to ask Stata
whether something can be done about this issue. Specifically, the problem is
that, given a have variable whose label contains a dollar sign say

. la var xrus "\$US per \$CA"

and trying to plot it as either

. twoway line xrus year
. twoway line xrus year, ytitle("\$US per \$CA")

causes the currency units to vanish from the y-axis title, leaving only "
per " behind.

This is a bug isn't it?  Or a very unfortunate mis-feature IMO.  It *should*
be possible to print basic ASCII characters set in graphs.  Can something be
done about this, this is particularly troublesome for economists.

Patrick Joly
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