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st: Exporting Stata windowing preferences under Windows

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   st: Exporting Stata windowing preferences under Windows
Date   Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:07:42 +0100

Fellow Statalisters (especially StataCorp):

I would like to be able to save multiple sets of Stata windowing preferences under Windows. This is because I am currently preparing a Stata demo, which I want to be visible on the overhead projector to people with poor eyesight. I would therefore like to use a large font and to allocate as much width as possible to the Results window, and to optimize the -print- optios in my demo do-files under those conditions, and to be able to toggle back and forth at will between these windowing preferences and my usual windowing preferences, which involve small fonts to make large amounts of information visible to people with 20/20 vision and a high-pixel screen setting.

Unfortunately, in the Getting Started documentation for Stata 8 under Windows (-[GSW] 18 Setting font and window preferences-) it is stated: "Note: Only one set of preferences can be saved". However, I have also been looking at the FAQ at

in which Kyle Willman & Jeremy Wernow of StataCorp explain how to export and import Stata 7 windowing preferences under Windows NT using the Windows NT Registry Editor. This looks like a way to store multiple windowing preferences in Windows .reg files, for import using the Windows -regedit- Registry Editor. Unfortunately, they state: "This FAQ is for users of Stata 7. It is not relevant for Stata 8."

Does this mean that the tricks they describe do not work under Stata 8 and/or do not work under forms of Windows? Or does it only mean that it did not occur to the authors at the time that anybody might want todo what I want to do? I ask because I have recently ported my TextPad settings from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 using a similar -regedit- trick (documented in the TextPad online help), and found this to be very, very helpful in getting my system back into production mode following a Microsoft Windows system upgrade.

Best wishes (and thanks in advance)


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Department of Public Health Sciences
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