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st: Re: tsset in panel data

From   "Clive Nicholas" <>
Subject   st: Re: tsset in panel data
Date   Thu, 10 Jun 2004 04:40:02 +0100 (BST)

Kit Baum wrote:

> Clive wrote that he had substantial difficulty getting the date
> variable right in tsset'ing a panel. The routine tsmktim of Baum and
> Wiggins (STB-57) was designed to ease that task in a pure timeseries
> environment (where it is often difficult to decode the date formats
> imported from, e.g., a spreadsheet, but you know what the first
> observation should be labelled).


I've not been able to take advantage of this neat little package because
I've been able to correct my -tsset- problem. The clue was in the r(451)
error. I set about deleting duplicate years for each of my cross-sections
and, after extensive checking and testing, I was finally able to -tsset-
on all six of my time variables. My grateful thanks to Kit (_and_ for
-tsmktim-), Nick and Andrew Taylor for their posts.

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