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st: logistic ---- assessment of model fit via external validation

From   <>
Subject   st: logistic ---- assessment of model fit via external validation
Date   Wed, 09 Jun 2004 12:06:51 -0600

Hello All ---
I'm using Intercooled Stata, 8.2.  In Hosmer & Lemeshow's 
"Applied Logistic Regression", the authors indicate that it may 
be possible to exclude a subsample of observations, develop a 
model, then test the model on the excluded observations 
(p.171).  I'm interested in doing just that, although I'm at a 
loss as to if -- and how -- something like this can be 
implemented in Stata.  I've searched the Statalist archives, 
UCLA's statistics portal, and a few different textbooks for 
hints on how this 'external validation' can be implemented, but 
to no avail.  Note that I do not want to generate new 
coefficients for the second sub-sample, rather, I want to use 
the coefficients generated from the first sub-sample in 
estimating a classification table for the second sub-sample.  
As always, any suggestions are much appreciated!
many thanks,
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