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Re: st: Tempvars with ylabel

From   "Doug Simmons" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: Tempvars with ylabel
Date   Tue, 08 Jun 2004 15:44:12 -0500

Thanks Roger,
-regaxis- did the trick.


>>> [email protected] 6/8/2004 14:32:54 >>>
At 19:35 08/06/2004, Doug A. Simmons wrote:
>Is it possible to use tempvars (or some other Stata variable) to
>values with the -ylabel- command? I have tried
>-tempvar Mean-
>-ylabel(`Mean', axis(2))-
>but it gives me the error
>"invalid label specifier, :  __000000:".
>It appears to be evaluating to the macro name, but not the stored
>value. I have tried using compound quotes, but get similar results.
>I am attempting to build a .do file that will automate the graphing
>data that varies such that `Mean' could be different at each run of
>file. I use -graph twoway line `Mean'- to generate a reference line
>my graph and it works as expected. It just doesn't seem quite right
>me that I can use the temporary variable to draw the graph, but not
>label it.
>Thank you for your assistance.

Doug might like to use my -regaxis- package, downloadable from SSC,
inputs one or more variables and/or values which must be in the axis
and creates a set of axis labels as output in a macro. The package
2 programs, -regaxis- for regular linear axes and -logaxis- for regular

logarithmic axes. In Stata, type

ssc describe regaxis

to find out more.

I hope this helps.


Roger Newson
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