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st: Re: wish: accumulate recently used datasets under File menu

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Subject   st: Re: wish: accumulate recently used datasets under File menu
Date   Tue, 8 Jun 2004 17:42:38 +0200

This was on my wish list too, and I think I solved the problem with the new dialogs in Stata.
I've written a dynamic dialog which serves exactly as a kind of recent file list.
It presents the user with three lists of recently opened stata files (recent 5, all, all by description) and allows her to chose among them or select a file never opened from the dialog before. It opens the chosen file (and adds it to the file lists, if needed), plus it lets you: 
- add a description to each file (which may even serve as a kind of project list when used properly with this purpose)
- open a specified or any other log file (or none) with the data file
- set the memory needed to open the data file (the dialog proposes a suitable value).
The dialog is most useful on startup, but can be called also during a session. In the latter case, it closes open files (and saves them) on request in order to open the selected ones.
I'd say the dialog is in late beta stage. It works fine with Stata 8 (SE in my case). I presented it live at the 2nd german user meeting, and so far, a few people have tested it. Since we have SE installed, it is not tested in Intercooled. Anyone who would like to try it (and make comments and suggestions) is welcome to email me. I will supply you with the set of programs (no package yet available).
Dankwart Plattner

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