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st: Reminder: no MIME/HTML etc.

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Reminder: no MIME/HTML etc.
Date   Mon, 7 Jun 2004 16:14:52 +0100

Just a reminder: no MIME/HTML/e-junk on Statalist please! 
Set your mailer to Plain Text or the equivalent. 

If you try to send non-plain text mails (those 
encoded, or formatted, or with e-junk such 
as winmail.dat files attached) to the list, 

1. Often the Statalist software traps it, 
and it will not get through. Then you may waste
your time, or Marcello Pagano's, or even mine, 
sending emails saying why didn't my email get
through? The answer is because you didn't read, 
mark, learn and inwardly digest the Statalist
FAQ explaining why there is this request
and how to honour it. 

2. Sometimes it gets through to Statalist, 
but usually with bad side-effects: 

a. It may be impossible for some members
to read. This reduces the probability that
such members will reply to your question
and/or feel well-disposed towards you. 

b. It messes up the Statalist digest or 
the archives. Similar comment to a. 

c. Sometimes people can read your 
message, but their reply is affected
by similar problems, because their mailer, 
loosely speaking, uses the same formatting. 
This embarrasses them and irritates third 

d. The contents bloat people's mailboxes. 

For example, just now, someone sent 
a great big chunk of HTML and this 
affected the form of the reply. 


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