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Re: st: RE: Re: wishlist - active dataset name in title bar

Subject   Re: st: RE: Re: wishlist - active dataset name in title bar
Date   Wed, 2 Jun 2004 12:40:15 -0400

Stata already allows one to set the content of the titlebar. For example

. window manage maintitle "My Title"

will set the titlebar to "My Title"

Unfortunately since -use-, -insheet- and such are built-in, you can't
change them yourself to have them automatically reset the titlebar. So
until Stata decides to implement this feature, one possible solution is to
write wrappers for -use-, -save-, -insheet-, -infile-, -infix- and any
other commands I'm forgetting to mention. For example one could write the

prog def xuse
      version 8
      use `0'
      window manage maintitle "`c(filename)'"

Hope this helps.


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hi all,

this has been on my mind too, glad to see the idea being so popular.

if i had my way, double-clicking
whatever_it_is_someone_gave_it_a_very_long_name.dta or -use- -ing it would
lead to a stata window with the title bar

IStata8.2 - whatever_it_is_someone_gave_it_a_very_long_name.dta

and after i typed
. set titlebar "prelim data"

it would read
IStata8.2 - prelim data

this would be ideal for the title bar, for the button on the tray, and for
the panel appearing when you are alt-tabbing between running programs (i
winxp). alternatively, the file name or user-given alias could come first
and then IStata, in which case a full out "Intercooled" would no longer
a waste of character space.

thinking of the file name
whatever_it_is_someone_gave_it_a_very_long_but_DIFFERENT_name.dta, i just
hope if the effort is made by statacorp, it will also include the -set
titlebar- possibility.


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