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1300 Lunch

Abdel G. A. Babiker, MRC Clinical Trials Unit, London
Mohamed M. Ali, RHR/WHO, Geneva
[email protected], [email protected]
Applying the Cox proportional hazards regression model to competing 

Toby Andrew, Twin and Genetic Epidemiology Research Unit, 
Department of Medicine, St Thomas' Hospital
[email protected]
Genome-wide linkage scans and basic bioinformatics implemented 
using Stata/SE

Paul T. Seed, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, GKT School of 
Medicine, King's College, London
[email protected]
Evaluation of diagnostic tests for diseases in pregnancy: 
some statistical issues

1515 Tea/coffee

William W. Gould, StataCorp, College Station, TX
[email protected]
Report to users

followed by

Wishes and grumbles

1715 Close

An optional, informal meal will be held at a London restaurant on 
Monday evening. There is an extra cost for attending the dinner.

See for the proceedings of 
other users' group meetings.

Registration and accommodations

The logistics of the conference are being organized by
Timberlake Consultants, distributors of Stata in several countries, 
including the UK and Ireland. You can register online at

or by contacting Timberlake Consultants directly by 
email: [email protected], 
tel: +44 20 86973377, or 
fax: +44 20 86973388. 
Timberlake Consultants can also help you find accommodation in London.

There will be a small conference fee (�65 + vat = �76.38) to 
cover costs for coffee, tea, and luncheons. 
An invoice will be sent to you.

The UK Stata Users Group Meeting Organizers

Nicholas J. Cox	                
University of Durham	          

Patrick Royston
MRC Clinical Trials Unit, London

[email protected] 

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