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st: New version of -descsave- on SSC

From   Roger Newson <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: New version of -descsave- on SSC
Date   Thu, 22 Apr 2004 20:18:29 +0100

Hello All

Thanks to the greatly appreciated services of Kit Baum, there is now a new version of the -descsave- package available for download on SSC. The -descsave- package is described as below on my website, and can be downloaded by typing

ssc install descsave

in Stata.

The new version fixes a feature of the -dofile()- option. The generated output do-file no longer repeats the -label define- statements for value labels belonging to multiple variables in the data set (as it did before). This feature, now fixed, did not cause any actual errors, but did sometimes cause the output do-file to be long and repetitive, if a large number of variables used the same value label codes.

Best wishes


package descsave from

descsave: Extension of describe creating output files

descsave is an extended version of describe, which creates up to 2 output files.
One is a Stata data set with 1 observation per variable and data on variable
attributes (name, type, format, variable label, value label, and selected
characteristics). The other is a Stata do-file which reconstructs these
attributes when run, assuming that the variable exists and is of the correct
mode (numeric or string). descsave can be used to reconstruct variables that
have been output to a generic spreadsheet using outsheet and then input using
insheet, or variables that have been extracted (using factext) from the label
variable of an output data set created by parmby or parmest. (The parmest and
factext packages are downloadable from this website or from SSC.)

Author: Roger Newson
Date: 22 April 2004
Stata version: 7

INSTALLATION FILES (click here to install)
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Roger Newson
Lecturer in Medical Statistics
Department of Public Health Sciences
King's College London
5th Floor, Capital House
42 Weston Street
London SE1 3QD
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7848 6648 International +44 20 7848 6648
Fax: 020 7848 6620 International +44 20 7848 6620
or 020 7848 6605 International +44 20 7848 6605
Email: [email protected]

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